Statistician, currently at the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer, focusing on Bayesian hierarchical models for cancer risk and survival analysis methods for the complex relationship of cancer with type 2 diabetes.

Formerly at the University of Manchester, my research interests involve investigating the role modifiable lifestyle risk factors for cancer, in particular the 13 obesity-related cancers. These 13 obesity-related cancers make up 40% of all cancer diagnoses. You can hear more about projects that I am involved in which include the link between lifetime BMI histories and cancer risk here or the obesity and survival in bowel cancer patients. Additionally, I provide statistical modelling support to clinicians and academics conducting clinical cancer research.

Additional research interests include copulas, integer-valued time series, latent class trajectory models.

My research profile can be found here and I am on Github and Twitter.

Get in touch, hannah.lennon.manchester@gmail.com