I am a Statistician – currently at the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer – focusing on multi-state modelling and Bayesian hierarchical models for cancer risk.

Formerly at The University of Manchester, my work involved using clinical datasets to investigate modifiable lifestyle risk factors for cancer, in particular the 13 obesity-related cancers. These 13 obesity-related cancers make up 40% of all cancer diagnoses. Additionally, providing statistical modelling support to clinicians conducting clinical cancer research. My PhD focused on modelling integer-valued time series using Gaussian copula models. I use the programming languages R and Julia for most analyses.

You can hear more about current projects that I am working on looking at BMI histories and cancer risk here or the OCTOPUS project here.

My research profile can be found here and I am on Github and Twitter.

Get in touch, hannah.lennon.manchester@gmail.com